lately i relise that i have lost a few main mood is mad, angry and other that related to those feeling..i hate being like this..i prefer to be alone for the rest of my life than being hurt by people that i's hard to write in english but i can prevent myself for crying and thinking about my life..i love to be at school rather than home..even if my friends hurt me i still can stand with it..because they will relise their mistake n apologize..but when "those people" make mistake their just pretend like nothing happen..that's hurting me so much..*hahak..wanna cry already..whenever i do something that "those people" doesn't like..they will just yelling and shouting..but when one of them doesn't do what other say it will be me who get the effect..when i say something right they will cut it off with any kind of excuse..
huh!!human always came up with so much excuse when their wrong..

Terima Kasih..Bye-yeom

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