we meet again~~

again n again n again...
cewah cam lgu 2pm again n again..

so!we meet again in the same blog, with the same writter *daaa..of course..this blog is mine.stupid me..because of some thing that always pop out in my life, i haven't update this blog for quiet some time.. *poor u blog..showing the last blog for almost.....a few month actually..

list of the story:
1) new year 2011
2) CNY (rabbit year)
3)Cross country
*wooo..this will be the longer post that i've wrote

1) new year
>taon baru mean a new suffering year for me..because, taon nie SPM..emmm...emm..emm.. shit!dah lame x update, xtaw nk tulis ape..*blog's say:padan muka ko, abaikan aq lg..bla..bla..bla...stop talking bout this new year thing..next move to the next one..

2) CNY
>this chinese new year is a rabbit year..every year the animal will be change..if i'm not mistaken, next year will be the dragon year..so, thnx to my chinese fren for took me 'beraya' together with you all..get so much angpau..hahaha..

3) Cross country
>last saturday, my school held a sports event..CROSS COUNTRY!!i love this event but i hate to practise..it's makes me really..really..really tired..congrate to BENDAHARA..for winning the first place..*i'm bendahara too!!!!so now picture time..
*patel of bendahara!!*hihihik

*warm-up..*that teacher is from bendahara

*Us..the runner :D

*our CUTE principle!!n..cikgu rashid~~

*the obstacle..hihik

*last but not least the winner BENDAHARA!!

p/s:u can also see some of this pic at tytystoryy.blogspot.com
million of thanks to photographer:wong ding bo aka george wong

Terima Kasih..Bye-yeom

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